Hollywood Private Hospital
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35 years of palliative care services at Hollywood Private Hospital

May 18, 2016

Hollywood Private Hospital (Hollywood) is celebrating 35 years of palliative care services. Over the years, Hollywood’s service has evolved from a self-contained, standalone unit to become what is now a fully integrated service merged with the rest of the hospital.

The palliative care service is led by Dr Ashwini Davray and Dr Alice Phua together with a multi-disciplinary team including occupational therapists, social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists and psychiatrists. Visits by the hospital’s volunteer dogs also provide patients with a unique experience aimed at enhancing their emotional wellbeing.

The hospital’s Director of Medical Services, Dr Daniel Heredia, said “Hollywood cares for patients with a wide range of medical conditions and the palliative care team plays a vital role in our delivery of comprehensive patient care.”

Hollywood Chief Executive Officer, Peter Mott, added “Compassionate and holistic care is at the heart of our Ramsay philosophy, ‘People caring for people’. I am extremely proud of our wonderful nursing staff, allied health team and doctors whose outstanding care and compassion have helped so many of our patients and their loved ones through what are extremely difficult and painful times in their lives”.