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Sock it to Sarcoma!


A generous donation to the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation follows the wish of an inspirational young woman to 'Sock it to Sarcoma'

Jul 03, 2012

In May 2012, Steve and Mandy Basson donated $75,000 to the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation to fund sarcoma research.

Their daughter, Abbie Basson was diagnosed at age 17 with Ewing’s Sarcoma, an uncommon and aggressive form of bone cancer.

Oncologist Dr Alex Powell and Orthopaedic specialist Professor David Wood were part of Abbie’s medical team where she received treatment at Hollywood Private Hospital during her brave two year battle with the disease.

Sadly, Abbie passed away in August 2011, just a few weeks after her 20th birthday.

Despite facing the life-threatening disease at such a young age, Abbie was determined to make a difference to those affected by cancer, particularly sarcoma. During her treatment, Abbie saw there was a real need for a WA-based sarcoma charity to increase awareness of this uncommon disease and to raise funds for research and more effective treatment.

Terry Bayliss, Manager of the Hollywood Research Foundation, said Abbie was a very courageous and inspirational young woman and the Foundation is overwhelmed by the generous donation from the Basson family.

“Sarcoma is a relatively uncommon form of cancer, but it tends to strike teenagers and young adults and is often fatal. A concerted research effort is needed to improve the prosects of those with the condition,” said Dr Bayliss.

“The $75,000 donation will directly go towards funding a PhD scholarship at the University of Western Australia. We are currently collaborating with the Western Australian Institute of Medical Research on the scholarship. The research will focus initially on the molecular biology of sarcoma from which it is hoped to identify and develop more effective treatments for the condition,” explained Dr Bayliss.

Mandy Basson said it was important to their family that they honoured Abbie’s wish.

“Abbie was determined that something positive must come out of her experience. She focused on setting up a research scholarship to find out more about sarcoma and make the journey better for those diagnosed with the disease,” said Ms Basson.

Mandy and Steve Basson have now set up Sock it to Sarcoma! the name Abbie had given to her vision, as the fundraising arm for sarcoma research through the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation.

The donation to the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation represents the first major step for the project with Sock it to Sarcoma! fundraising events planned for later this year.


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Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation

The Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation Inc. was founded in 1999. Its principal objectives are to improve and advance medical care and the health of the community and to foster research at the hospital.

Hollywood Private Hospital covers all the running costs of the research foundation so contributions can be used for their intended purpose – supporting research. The foundation raises funds from hospital social events, staff contributions and community donations.

Hollywood Private Hospital is also donating all proceeds to the research foundation from the sale of its book Everyone’s a Hero – Celebrating 70 years of an amazing hospital.

A generous donation to the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation follows the wish of an inspirational young woman to 'Sock it to Sarcoma'