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Enhancing the Provision of Care for Individuals with Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Feb 06, 2017

Hollywood Private Hospital (Hollywood) is helping to bring some of the world’s leading psychiatrists to Perth for the upcoming 2nd Annual Hollywood Private Hospital Psychiatry Master Class.

The industry event is being held on 17 and 18 February 2017 at The University Club, University of Western Australia, and will assist psychiatrists with advancing their expertise in the area of anxiety and stress disorders.

Hollywood Chief Executive Officer, Peter Mott, said "As a leading provider of mental health services to the Western Australian community, Hollywood is committed to ensuring patients across the State have access to the highest quality care and treatment."

"By supporting this event, we hope to further the education of mental health professionals so they are better equipped to assist their patients with issues related to anxiety and stress."

The event is the only master class for psychiatrists of its kind in Western Australia (WA) and will allow attendees to benefit from the knowledge of six presenters, including international keynote speaker Professor David Nutt from Imperial College London. Professor Nutt is a leading psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist who specialises in the research of drugs that affect the brain and conditions such as addiction and anxiety.

Hollywood Psychiatrist, Dr Mathew Samuel, added "Anxiety and stress are two of the most prevalent mental health disorders in the community. It is therefore essential that WA’s psychiatrists have the necessary knowledge to provide comprehensive and specialised care to the increasing number of individuals seeking treatment for these conditions."

"I’m very proud that Hollywood is once again a major sponsor of this event and helping to enhance the expertise of WA’s psychiatrists."