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Hollywood Private Hospital introduces exciting opportunity for medical students

Aug 25, 2016

Hollywood Private Hospital recently hosted the inaugural Hollywood Claassen Institute, a psychiatric learning event for 30 selected medical students considering a career in psychiatry. Attendees were provided with a greater understanding of the specialty to help them decide whether to pursue the profession.

The event was organised by The Hollywood Clinic Psychiatrist, Dr Mathew Samuel, in collaboration with The University of Western Australia and The University of Notre Dame.

Participating students learned about clinical psychiatry principles and recent developments through interactive seminars, elective sessions, and exposure to a variety of facilities providing mental health services.

Hollywood Director of Medical Services Dr Daniel Heredia said “It is important for students to explore the wide variety of specialities and career options available to them in the medical profession. Through education, they are empowered to specialise in the field they are most interested in and suited to.”

“The event benefited students who were considering a career in psychiatry by giving them greater insight into the profession and its diverse sub specialties.”

Hollywood’s participation reflects the hospital’s commitment to delivering leading education opportunities and experiences for Western Australian medical students. In addition to the Hollywood Claassen Institute, the hospital helps educate the State’s future doctors by supporting a number of student conferences, seminars, professional development initiatives and work placements throughout the year.

Based on the success of the event, it is anticipated that the Hollywood Claassen Institute will be held annually.