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Hollywood Private Hospital offers new program specific to needs of adults with bulimia

Aug 09, 2016

Hollywood Private Hospital’s 70 bed inpatient and day patient mental health facility, The Hollywood Clinic, has introduced an eight week group treatment program for adults experiencing eating issues associated with bulimia nervosa (bulimia).

Hosted in the evenings to accommodate participants’ daily commitments, The Clinic’s Bulimia Program is one of the only multi therapy treatment programs specific to bulimia in Western Australia. The program was established to offer much needed support for individuals with the condition.

Kate Fleming, Dietician at The Hollywood Clinic, said “There is an obvious gap in the market for a program tailored specifically to the needs of bulimia sufferers.”
“We provide participants the support and tools they require to address and overcome the condition. We also help them to develop coping skills to maintain a healthy relationship with food in the future.”

“Our first Bulimia Program is currently underway and the feedback from patients and their families has been very positive. For many individuals, this is the first time they have been able to access care specific to their illness and needs.”

To ensure comprehensive support is delivered, the program is co-facilitated by a psychologist and a dietitian. Program participants attend a three hour group session once a week and are provided with cognitive behaviour therapy, an evidence based treatment that is highly effective for addressing the condition. The Clinic also offers a supported weekly meal experience and mindfulness based techniques to manage post meal distress.

The Clinic’s next eight week Bulimia Program commences in October. If you would like more information, please contact Ian Goh, Therapy Programs Manager at The Hollywood Clinic, on 9346 6801, or visit www.hollywoodclinic.com.au