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Hollywood helps to educate teachers about eating disorders

Oct 10, 2017

As part of Hollywood Private Hospital’s (Hollywood) recognition of Mental Health Week, Hollywood Mental Health Nurse Rebecca Godin and Hollywood Dietitian Fiona Salter spoke to teachers at Methodist Ladies’ College about eating disorders and how the condition can be addressed in the school environment.

The discussion was tailored specifically to the interests of teachers, focusing on the signs and symptoms of eating disorders and what teachers can do to support students and their families.
Ms Godin, who also coordinates the Eating Disorder Inpatient Treatment Program at The Hollywood Clinic, the only private mental health facility in Western Australia with an inpatient eating disorder program, also outlined services available to individuals affected by the condition.

Commenting on the event, Ms Godin said “Teachers are often the first people to recognise their students are experiencing issues related to food. Because of this, it’s essential they’re equipped with the appropriate knowledge and tools to address eating disorders in the most effective manner possible.”

The Hollywood Clinic offers a variety of treatment programs to help patients over the age of 16 manage and overcome eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating. The Clinic’s programs ensure patients and their families are provided with comprehensive care specific to their needs.

Hollywood Chief Executive Officer, Peter Mott, said “As a leading provider of mental health services, it’s important for us to partner with organisations in the community and share our knowledge.”
“By raising awareness about eating disorders and the care available, we hope more members of the community will feel comfortable asking for and receiving the help they require, not only for themselves, but also for their friends and families.”

For more information about The Hollywood Clinic’s eating disorder programs, please visit hollywoodclinic.com.au