Hollywood Private Hospital
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Hollywood improves environmental footprint through new waste management system

Oct 03, 2017

Hollywood Private Hospital (Hollywood) has invested in a leading waste management system to help reduce the quantity of leftover food sent to landfill.

Installed in the hospital’s kitchen, the Organic Refuse Conversion Alternative Waste Management System (ORCA) can digest up to 500 kilos of food waste every day. Within 24 hours, the food is turned into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the sewage system.

Hollywood Chief Executive Officer, Peter Mott, said "Following the introduction of the ORCA, we’ve more than halved the amount of waste sent to landfill. The catering team previously sent twenty six 120 litre waste bins to landfill every day. They now send only five or six."

"We know this is benefiting the environment as every two tonnes of waste diverted from landfill has the same greenhouse gas reduction effect as taking a car off the road for six months."

"Hollywood is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and introducing new processes and technologies that can help reduce our environmental footprint."

In addition to utilising the ORCA, Hollywood’s catering team recycles all plastic lids and packaging and saves vegetable peels for the hospital’s onsite worm farm.

Hollywood is also proud to donate all unused packaged food and vegetables grown on campus to OzHarvest, a not for profit organisation which distributes produce to over 70 charities across Perth for people in need.