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Ramsay Health Care WA leading the world in blood management


Ramsay Health Care WA leading the world in blood management

Aug 30, 2012

Ramsay Health Care WA is leading the way worldwide in patient blood management following an information symposium held recently at the University of Western Australia.

More than 60 health care practitioners from across Perth attended the symposium, which discussed the development and implementation of the National Patient Blood Management Program (NPBMP).

The program aims to improve clinical outcomes by avoiding unnecessary exposure to blood components and focuses on the optimisation of blood volume and red cell mass; minimisation of blood loss and the patient’s tolerance to anaemia.

Chair of the symposium, upper gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeon at Hollywood Private Hospital, Winthrop Professor Jeff Hamdorf, said the conference was a great opportunity for health care professionals to meet and openly discuss how to use a multi-disciplinary approach in the management of haematological disorders.

“This meeting outlined the optimal use of donor blood and systems to reduce transfusion-associated risk for patients.”

Clinical haematolgist at Hollywood Private Hospital Dr Steve Ward’s presentation entitled: ‘Iron Therapy for Optimisation of Patients Pre-operatively’ discussed the problem of iron deficiency and how healthcare professionals can help manage this prior to a patient undergoing surgery.

“Low iron is an extremely common problem amongst pre-operative patients and can cause serious implications if not identified and addressed prior to surgery,” said Dr Ward.

“Research has shown that correcting low iron levels pre-operatively benefits patients by increasing haemoglobin and decreasing the risk of infection. Previously undiagnosed iron deficiency in surgical patients increases the likelihood of blood transfusions which in turn is associated with increased mortality and hospital length of stay.”

Other speakers at the event included former Chief Medical Officer and Executive Sponsor of the WA Patient Blood Management Program A/Professor Simon Towler, who discussed the development and system changes required for the implementation of the NPBMP; Mr Shannon Farmer from the Blood Patient Management Team at the WA Department of Health, whose presentation outlined the NPBM guidelines; and general and liver Surgeon at Joondalup Health Campus Professor Paul Moroz, who outlined the importance of meticulous surgical haemostasis in the PBMP.