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Robotic surgery aids medical breakthrough at Hollywood

Jul 22, 2015

Hollywood Private Hospital ear nose and throat surgeon, Mr Desmond Wee continues to break new ground in robotic surgery with the da Vinci Xi Surgical System.

Mr Wee recently met Mr Peter Symonds, a 56 year old from Booragoon, who was diagnosed with tonsil cancer. Mr Symonds first presented his case to Mr Wee in February 2015 fearful of a terminal prognosis. It was after his first visit to Hollywood that Mr Symonds was soon informed he was a candidate for robotic surgery, a considerably less invasive treatment option.

“After being diagnosed with tonsil cancer and hearing my options for treatment, I was completely overwhelmed. Reading up on cases where patients had to have their jaw broken to be able to reach the cancer was quite scary”

On meeting Mr Wee and learning I was a candidate for the surgery with the da Vinci Xi, I was thrilled.”

The complex surgery was successfully performed in less than three hours, with Mr Wee first completing the neck dissection then reconfiguring the da Vinci Xi to remove the tonsil cancer.

“During this procedure, we were able to successfully address all affected areas” Mr Wee said. “The da Vinci Xi marks a significant advancement in the types of services we can offer to patients who are suffering from oral cancers.”

By using the da Vinci Xi, Mr Symonds did not require further surgery or chemotherapy. He still required radiotherapy, however, this was tailored to reduce toxicity and significantly lessen his recovery time said Mr Wee.

This procedure marks the latest advancement in robotic-assisted surgery. Hollywood was the first site in Australia to use the da Vinci Xi for trans oral robotic surgery and remains the only site in Western Australia to offer the service.

Hollywood Private Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Peter Mott said this breakthrough procedure emphasises the hospital’s continued efforts to offer significant surgical advancements to its patients.

“The da Vinci Xi provides our surgeons with the opportunity to perform less invasive procedures, reducing the size of incisions and decreasing the amount of tissue damage during surgery,” he said “As a result, patients will experience less pain and recover faster.”

The da Vinci Xi is the most advanced surgical robot in Australia. With broader capabilities than prior generations of the da Vinci Surgical System, it can be used across a wide spectrum of minimally invasive surgeries and represents the next frontier in robotic surgery.