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Second highest result nationally for Hollywood Gastro nurse

Oct 25, 2013

Nerida Grierson, Hollywood’s gastroenterological nurse of three years has achieved the second highest score nationally in the recent College of Gastroenterological Nurses (COGEN) exam in Melbourne.

The exam was conducted at the annual Australian Gastroenterology Week in October which allowed nurses to demonstrate and develop their knowledge and accumulate professional development points.

As well as testing general knowledge and skills in this specialty, nurses had to study and have an in-depth knowledge of gastroenterology anatomy, physiology, infection control, pharmacology and endoscopic procedures and treatments.  Prior to sitting the exam nurses are required to have three years’ experience in Gastroenterology as well as being recommended by three colleagues. 

Originally intending to study architecture, Nerida finally followed the path of nursing after some inspiring words from her father.

“My father in his wisdom said you are from a family of nurses, get yourself qualified and you’ll never regret it. I did just that and loved it.

“Receiving a top score in the COGEN exam proves I chose the right career path and will help my professional career to allow me to help mentor new staff,” said Nerida.

Gastroenterology Department Clinical Nurse Manager, Kylie Forsyth said Nerida achieving the second highest score in the country is a testament to her diligence and dedication to her work at Hollywood.

“We’re all thrilled and very proud of her. Initially Nerida joined the department as a casual. However, her passion and dedication to Gastroenterology has seen her become a vital part of our team who now assists in mentoring and educating new staff,” said Kylie.