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Volunteers at Hollywood Private Hospital gain great satisfaction from enhancing the comfort and well-being of patients

May 09, 2012

Whilst Hollywood Private Hospital’s dedicated staff provide a high standard of quality care and amazing service, volunteers at the hospital also make an enormous difference to the lives of its patients and visitors.

Nola Cruickshank, Director of Clinical Services at Hollywood Private Hospital, said that it is through the use of generous volunteers time that the hospital can offer its patients and visitors extra assistance and support.

“Hollywood Private Hospital currently has over 90 active volunteers, with a regular weekly presence of about 60 at the hospital, and they all play an invaluable role in enhancing the overall patient and visitor experience,” said Ms Cruickshank.

The Hollywood Volunteers initiatives include general patient support activities such as visiting and playing games with patients; a Companionship Program that targets long-term care patients; Front of House roles which involves guiding visitors and offering hospitality; and the Courtesy Buggy service that provides transport for visitors within the hospital grounds.

One of the most popular services that the Hollywood Volunteers provide is patient hand and foot massages – particularly welcomed by day patients receiving chemotherapy and infusion treatment.

Kathy Mulligan is a Hollywood Volunteer who provides hand and foot massages every Monday in the Leslie Starcevich Day Suite at Hollywood Private Hospital.

Kathy said that the massages are a comforting treat and a welcome distraction for patients who can be in the Day Suite for up to six hours for each treatment.

“Patients may be experiencing nausea, or have tender, swollen feet so the massages provide a great amount of relief for them. Human touch in itself can be very healing,” said Kathy.

Kathy always looks forward to volunteering at the hospital as she enjoys interacting and talking with the patients.

“I love getting to know the patients and having a chat. Patients may come in for treatment on their own so I like keeping them company, sometimes playing scrabble. I enjoy the interaction so much that I feel I get just as much from the experience as the patients do!”

A female patient who regularly comes into the hospital for treatment said, “The massages provide me with a great amount of relief as I suffer muscle and joint stiffness. The Hollywood Volunteers are very welcoming and it always comforts me to see a friendly face.”

Helen Morrell, Volunteer Manager at Hollywood Private Hospital said that the Hollywood Volunteers gain a great deal of satisfaction from the contribution they make.

“Many of our volunteers find it highly gratifying knowing they have made a positive contribution to a patient’s healing process through providing companionship, assisting a patient with something they couldn’t do themselves or cheering them up,” said Ms Morrell.

The 14 – 20 May marks National Volunteers week and the hospital will be celebrating the contribution that the Hollywood Volunteers make through a range of activities.

Hollywood Private Hospital is looking for new volunteers to join the team with a range of volunteering roles available to suit people’s schedules, interests, skills and abilities.

For enquiries about volunteering at Hollywood Private Hospital please contact Helen Morrell by phoning 9346 6275 or emailing MorrellH@ramsayhealth.com.au


Hollywood Private Hospital is a modern, 659 bed, state-of-the-art acute care hospital in Nedlands. The hospital is a part of Ramsay Health Care Group – Australia’s largest private hospital operator.