Hollywood Private Hospital
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Hollywood Volunteers

Hollywood Private Hospital offers a high standard of quality care and is committed to bettering the hospital experience for patients and their visitors. Whilst our dedicated staff provide a wonderful service, volunteers make an enormous difference to the lives of patients and their visitors. Their generous use of time allows the hospital to offer patients and visitors extra assistance.

Volunteer positions at Hollywood Private Hospital include (but are not limited to):

Potential volunteers will be interviewed and successful applicants will be matched to a voluntary position that suits their interests, skills and abilities. Volunteering gives people another meaningful role in an alternative community. Volunteers usually gain a great deal of satisfaction from the contribution they make here.

Enquiries about volunteering at Hollywood Private Hospital will be warmly welcomed.

For more information contact

Helen Morrell | Volunteer Services Manager
Administration | Hollywood Private Hospital
Monash Ave

Telephone: 08 9346 6275
Mobile: 0448 760 141
Email: MorrellH@ramsayhealth.com.au


  • Highly developed communication skills (listening, speaking, nonverbal) and the ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds

  • A non judgemental attitude; empathy and patience

  • An understanding of the importance of confidentiality

  • A genuine interest in and liking of people

  • A friendly and helpful attitude

  • Reliability, punctuality and the ability to commit time to volunteer on a regular basis

  • A willingness to undergo orientation and training and to attend Volunteer Services Meetings

  • A willingness to be a part of the team at Hollywood


Position Title: Front of House Volunteer
Purpose of the Role: To provide an escort and direction service for patients and visitors to Hollywood Private Hospital.

Specific Duties:

  • Meet and greet visitors

  • Farewell and say thank you to those leaving the hospital and give directions to discharge lounge (if necessary)

  • Escort visitors who require it to their destinations (offer wheelchair assistance if necessary)

  • Provide companionship to those waiting in the lobby area

  • Direct queries, when appropriate, to the main reception desk

  • Approach people who appear to be unsure of where they are going and assist them

  • Ensure there is adequate supply of wheelchairs in room off lobby area

  • Assist those needing to book a taxi, inviting them to take a seat in the lobby and checking on taxi when it arrives (need to distinguish veterans who get taxi provided by Veterans affairs).

  • Assist concierge with additional duties when required e.g. fetching wheelchairs or assisting with luggage etc.

  • Assist staff at main reception as required e.g. if a visitor presents at their desk seeking direction

  • Assist with discharge from the hospital as required

  • Ensure the lobby area is kept tidy

  • Be conversant with bus and train timetables to/from hospital.

Position Title: General Patient Support Volunteer
Purpose of the Role: To provide companionship and support for patients and their visitors

Specific Duties may include:

  • Providing companionship and support for patients and their relatives and friends.

  • Patient Check: Making sure that all items that the patient requires are within reach of the patient

  • Freshening flowers throughout each ward

  • Assisting and accompanying independent patients on walks (if given consent by staff)

  • Taking wheelchair patients out of their rooms for a walk (If given consent by staff and if staff assist patient into wheelchair)

  • Offering fluids to bed ridden patients (unless directed not to do so by staff).

  • Assisting with patient menus or other forms patients may need assistance in filling out.

  • Making tea and coffee for relatives or patients outside of morning/afternoon tea times.

  • Setting patients up for meals

  • Delivering phone messages to patients

  • Keeping area tidy

  • Reading to patients

  • Playing board games or cards

Position Title: Lolly Trolley Volunteers
Purpose of the Role: To provide the opportunity for patients and staff to buy goods from the trolley.

Specific Duties:

  • Stocking the trolley with good from storage

  • Pushing the trolley around selected wards and selling goods

  • Marking off quantities of stock sold

  • Counting the money and balancing the stock sheet

  • Locking the stock away

  • Handing the takings in to finance / leaving a float of $60 with stock

  • Assisting with stock take as required.

Position Title: Allied Health Volunteer – Food Friend
Purpose Of The Role: To improve the dietary intake of patients by supporting the feeding process

Specific Duties:

  • Assist patients’ with ordering meals

  • Assist with hand hygiene, before and after meals

  • Assist with patient’s preparation for mealtime

  • Assist with meal distribution

  • Assist with meal set up

  • Assist in assuring a pleasant environment

  • Encourage patients with eating/drinking

  • Ask patients’ for feedback (in casual manner)

  • Report problems noticed with the patient eating to the nurse on duty.

  • Complete food intake chart

Position Title: Courtesy Buggy Driver
Purpose of the Role: To offer a courtesy transport system within the grounds of the hospital to visitors and patients that are being admitted or discharged

Specific Duties:

  • Ensure the buggy is clean and in good working order.

  • Ensure the safety of passengers (checking seat belt is on etc) at all times

  • Drive the buggy around a designated circuit, picking up and dropping passengers off as required

  • Provide excellent customer service
    Courtesy buggy drivers must possess a Current Australian Driver’s Licence

Position Title: HPH Companionship Volunteers
Purpose of the Role: To support the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of patients who have been identified as having special care needs (e.g. patients with dementia, falls risk patients, visual and hearing impaired patients etc)

Possible Duties:

  • Gaining an understanding of the patients background

  • Working in partnership with another volunteer with small groups of patients in joint activities

  • Engaging the patient in activities they enjoy such as board games, music or other activities to provide stimulation

  • Providing companionship and support for patients on a one on one basis (sitting with them, talking, reading etc)

  • Patient Check: Making sure that all items that the patient requires are within reach of the patient. Assisting with making the patient comfortable – this may include adjusting pillows, providing hand massage etc. Ensuring patient is wearing their glasses and hearing aides if they wear them and checking they are clean and in working order.

  • Accompanying and helping the patient with walking and exercise as advised by the nursing staff or taking them out in a wheelchair for a walk (if staff assist patient into wheelchair).

  • Assisting the patient to fill in menus or other forms that may need filling out.

  • Setting the patient up for meals and assisting the patient with eating and drinking

  • Offering fluids to the patient regularly (unless directed not to do so by staff).