Hollywood Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Medical Education

Hollywood Private Hospital is a member and supporter of continued professional development (CPD) through the RACGP GPs and specialists alike.

Hollywood provides GPs with the opportunity to attend a range of high quality and engaging medical education seminars throughout the year.

The Hollywood Private Hospital medical education series forms part of a diverse program of GP education initiatives by Ramsay WA hospitals (go to calendar of GP education – Ramsay WA)

Meet the Specialists

Hollywood Private Hospital is a great supporter and provider of quality GP and medical education initiatives that run throughout the year.

Our Meet the Specialists series is a popular initiative which brings specialists and general practitioners together in an informal setting where knowledge and information can be shared across a range of specialties.

Meet the Specialists hosts four renowned specialists from a range of speciality areas of medicine including cardiology, urology, psychiatry and orthopaedic surgery to name a few.  The guests have the opportunity to speak directly to GPs about specific issues over dinner. During the course of the evening the specialists move to a new table of GPs every 30 minutes.  This allows the GPs to speak freely and ask their specific questions of the hosting specialist.

The Meet the Specialists series is unique in that GPs get the opportunity to have a meaningful and insightful one on one discussion with specialists from different areas.  It is an engaging and productive few hours for both GPs and Specialists alike.

Medical Students – Sponsorship in our future GPs and Specialists

Hollywood Private Hospital is a great supporter of our future doctors through sponsorship of WA’s medical students.

HPH has undertaken a number of sponsorship arrangements relating to education of our future medical professionals through support of student conferences, seminars and professional development initiatives.