Hollywood Private Hospital
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Intensive Care Unit

Hollywood's Intensive Care Unit is a nine-bed high-dependency unit. It comprises five single bays, a pair of two-bed bays and one single room with ensuite. The unit has direct access to the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit, the Operating Suite and easy access to the radiology department and the Angiography Suite.

The unit has the facilities to provide cardiac monitoring and invasive pressure monitoring, arterial C0â‚‚intra-abdominal draining and monitoring, and cerebro-spinal fluid drainage and monitoring. Patients also have access to pulmonary artery monitoring and the balloon pump. In addition, we can provide invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

Our Intensive Care Unit consists of patients having had colorectal, ENT, facio-maxillary, nerousurgery, vascular, general and otrhopaedic surgery as well as those having had endoluminal procedures. In addition the unit also manages the care of acute medical patients, and provides PICC and central venous line insertions for inpatients.

The unit is spacious and there is a large area around each bed space.

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Intensive Care Unit