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Deep Brain Stimulation

Hollywood Private Hospital is now offering Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), a life-changing procedure which treats neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.  

DBS uses an implanted medical device similar to a cardiac pacemaker to deliver electrical stimulation to precisely targeted areas on each side of the brain. The device settings and stimulation levels can be adjusted noninvasively by a clinician using a programming device. If necessary the therapy can also be reversed.

DBS therapy may help control disease symptoms, but it is not a cure. When the brain stimulation system is turned on it will deliver stimulation that may decrease some or all of the symptoms associated with a specific condition. Symptoms will return when the system is turned off.

Traditionally, DBS has been performed in two parts.  However, in an Australian first, Hollywood specialists Dr Julian Rodrigues, neurologist and Associate Professor Stephen Lewis, neurosurgeon are able to perform the procedure at the one time with the use of an AIRO intraoperative CT scanner.

Currently, there are long waiting lists for DBS in the public hospital system. Hollywood is the only private hospital in WA offering this service combined with the AIRO intraoperative CT scanner, reducing the procedure time and improving the accuracy of electrode placement.

Please click the link below for more information on DBS being used as a treatment for Parkinson’s

Hollywood Private Hospital is the first Australian hospital to offer a more effective medical treatment for Parkinson’s disease

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