Hollywood Private Hospital
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Oncology and Haematology at Hollywood

At Hollywood Private Hospital, we offer outstanding medical and surgical treatment across all cancers and provide access to the latest treatments, world-class facilities and outstanding care.

We have 20 oncologists and haematologists who specialise in cancer treatment, as well as many surgeons across different specialties who are trained in surgical oncology.

Comprehensive chemotherapy treatments are used in a range of cancer management purposes that include both curative and palliative care, as well as pre-operative tumour reduction. In addition to intravenous chemotherapy, we also offer monoclonal antibody or ‘targeted’ therapies, and a combination of both.

Our haematology services treat malignant haematological conditions such as myeloma, all types of lymphoma and leukaemia. Our specialists also have expertise in bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, used for both diagnostic and treatment evaluation purposes.

All blood product transfusions are also performed at Hollywood, including non-cancer related iron infusions and platelet transfusions, and venesection procedures.

We offer day and in-patient cancer services for patients undergoing treatment for a range of cancers. Our 30-bed oncology facilities on Mark Donaldson ward and George Gosse ward provide the best care for those requiring inpatient treatment. Our nurses are specialised in oncology and haematology nursing.

Our staff are committed to looking after both the physical health and the emotional wellbeing and comfort of patients and recognise that, in some cases, treatment for oncology and haematology patients can be part of a long journey.

Cancer (Oncology) and Haematology Day Unit

The Leslie Starcevich Day Unit is our day patient unit for oncology and haematology treatment, including chemotherapy. Opened in 2010, the purpose-built unit boasts a modern, spacious environment with eight beds in private areas and 22 comfortable treatment chairs in semi-private areas.

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