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Operating theatres of the future

In November 2018 we officially opened our four new operating theatres, taking the total number of theatres at Hollywood from 16 to 20 making it the largest private theatre complex in Western Australia and one of the largest in the country.

With four times the resolution currently used in most operating theatres in Australia, Hollywood’s new $20 million fully integrated ultra-high definition operating theatres will provide more detailed images. This will help surgeons better distinguish between ligaments, muscles, tissues and other minute structures in the body.

Hollywood Chief Executive Officer Peter Mott said Hollywood had doubled its surgical capacity in just four years. “In 2014 we had 10 operating theatres and now we have 20” he said.

Hollywood Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, Dr Steve Rodrigues, said the ultra-high definition technology had many advantages.

“This new technology results in an unmatched degree of precision allowing for improved efficiency and safety,” he said. “The imaging is much more advanced and means the whole team can see more detailed images from pretty much anywhere in the operating theatre,” Dr Rodrigues said.

Dr Rodrigues said the benefits in terms of communication, education and overall efficiency could not be underestimated.