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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

It is recommended by the World Health Organisation and National Heart Foundation that following a cardiac admission, all patients should engage with a cardiac rehabilitation program to start them on the road to recovery, and to assist with the management of their heart condition.

Cardiac rehab at Hollywood Private Hospital is tailored to individual needs and provided on site by Ramsay Health Plus. The comprehensive program combines exercise and a series of free education sessions. Support is also provided by a dedicated team of health professionals which include a cardiac rehabilitation nurse specialist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, dietitian, occupational therapist and pharmacist.

Attending the cardiac rehabilitation program gives patients support and information to make behavioural and lifestyle changes to manage their condition after surgery or a heart related health issue.

Cardiac rehab can improve the ability to return to normal activities, manage symptoms, reduce heart disease, risk factors, and increase social independence and confidence. These important lifestyle changes help to establish healthier habits in both the short and long term and help protect the heart in the future.

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of individualised care. For more information regarding any aspect of the program, or to book a consultation, please contact the cardiac rehabilitation nurse specialist cardiacrehab.HPH@ramsayhealth.com.au