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Prehabilitation – what is it and why is it important?

For patients considering orthopaedic surgery, it’s important to understand that the condition of your overall health and fitness can impact your post-surgery recovery. For example, being overweight increases stress on the joints and can increase in-surgery risks. Patients requiring a joint replacement, who maintain or work towards becoming as fit and healthy as possible, build a strong foundation for a better recovery.

The common causes and treatments for ankle pain

Problems with the ankle can often cause pain at the front of the ankle, the inside of the ankle, the outside of the ankle and even into the foot, or a combination of these. There are many ligaments, muscles and tendons around this area that can be a source of pain, as well as the bones in the joint itself. The two main types of injury to the ankle are acute or chronic.

Elbow pain: what commonly causes it and how is it treated?

Because we use our hands and arms for so many things, the various muscles and tendons around our elbow joint can become irritated or injured. This can be due to repetitive use and overloading (chronic conditions), with things like computer use, sport or work; or due to a sudden (acute) incident, like an accident or a fall.

Hip pain: common causes and treatments

The hip is a large ‘ball-and-socket’ shaped joint, connecting the hip (or femur) bone to the pelvis. Injuries of the hip can come on slowly (chronic) or suddenly (acute) and require a range of treatments.

Knee pain and injuries: what are the causes and treatments?

The knee joint is a primary weight bearing joint capable of supporting loads of two to five times a person's body weight. Doing such hard work means injuries and other issues can occur with our knees.

Shoulder pain and injury: what it means and how it’s treated

Our shoulders have a lot of important jobs. Because we use our shoulders all the time, shoulder problems are very common and can have a variety of causes.

Wrist pain: common causes and treatments

The wrist is a complex area, capable of a lot of movement and fine control. Because of this, wrist pain can come on gradually due to a number of factors.