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GP Liaison 

The GP Liaison links Hollywood Private Hospital with general practice, ensuring processes work as seamlessly as possible and that doctors, practice staff and patients have a positive experience with the hospital.


The GP Liaison: 

  • Connects GPs to specialists who meet their needs and the needs of their patients in terms of speciality and skills, availability and clinical approach 
  • Updates GPs on specialists who offer sub-specialties or services new or unique to Hollywood Private Hospital 
  • Brings relevant education to general practices when required. This can be a simple meet and greet with a specialist or organising in-situ education on a clinical topic of interest 
  • Provides updates on recent innovations at Hollywood Private Hospital that contribute to improved patient outcomes 
  • Is available to listen to any difficulties GPs may have dealing with Hollywood Private Hospital and takes those issues forward internally 

Any practices that would like to meet a particular specialist or receive educational updates on specific topics are invited to contact the GP Liaison.




0438 763 256

Register your Interest

Hollywood Private Hospital's GP Liaison runs various education and information events for GPs throughout the year. If you'd like to be notified of future events, please email the GP Liaison on the email address above.