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Hollywood Private Hospital actively encourages and supports clinical research as part of its role as a private teaching hospital.

Hollywood has important research facilities onsite for Breast cancer research (BCRC-WA) and Blood disorders (PBI). 

Significant medical research is also undertaken in many other areas such as cardiology, urology, mental health, oncology, palliative care and orthopaedics and nuclear medicine. This is conducted often in collaboration with the major teaching hospitals and universities.

The focus on research provides an environment in which Hollywoods clinicians can maintain their knowledge and expertise at the forefront of clinical practice.

Contact our Research Administrator

The hospital employs a Research Administrator who can provide information and advice on research at Hollywood. The Research Administrator can be contacted by:


08 9346 6571



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Conducting Research in a Ramsay Facility 

See Research Governance

Any research activity that is to be undertaken within Ramsay Health Care must have both Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and Research Governance approval in place.

Research at Hollywood Private Hospital

There is a new process for applying for research at Hollywood Private Hospital. You will now be required to submit an EOI to Conduct Research in Facility to the Research Ethics committee.

This form should be completed by Principal Investigators, Sponsors or CROs wishing to conduct research at Hollywood Private Hospital.

Please complete this form and submit to research.hph@ramsayhealth.com.au to obtain initial Site support for your research Project. Once support is confirmed you will be able to finalise your research application with the Ramsay National Research Unit Research Governance Office via REGGS.

Download here

Research Ethics

See Research Ethics

For further information and queries, please email RamsayHREC.WA-SA@ramsayhealth.com.au or call Ethics Officer Joanna Brisbane on (08) 9400 9897

Research Governance

See Research Governance

For further information and queries, please email ResearchGovernance@ramsayhealth.com.au or call or the Ramsay National Research Unit on (02) 9433 3854.