Hollywood Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care


Q: Why should I chose a private ED?

A: Patients who choose the Hollywood Private Emergency Department will have access to timely care, overseen by an emergency physician. In the event a person requires admission, Hollywood has over 200 admitting specialists in a wide variety of medical specialties.

Q: Can I present with any type of emergency?

A: Hollywood Private Hospital caters for most types of emergency cases, such as cardiac issues, patients presenting with medical conditions and sport injuries and a number of other surgical conditions.

Q: What services aren’t covered at Hollywood’s private ED?

A: Acute mental health problems, acute stroke, cases of major trauma or burns, bleeding from the bowel or stomach, and maternity patients are best catered for in a tertiary level public hospital.

Q: Does the Emergency Department see children?

A: Yes. Our specialists care for children over 2 yrs presenting with minor injuries only. Children who have been involved in major trauma or who have coughs, rashes, breathing problems, temperatures, vomiting or other medical conditions should present at their local public hospital Emergency Department.

Q: Can I attend the private emergency department if I don’t have private health insurance?

A: Yes, however costs in addition to the $200 Doctor Consultation Fee may be applicable

Q: If I have private health insurance, can I claim the $200 Doctor Consultation Fee?

A: No. Private health insurance and Medicare do not cover the $200 Doctor Consultation Fee.

Q: Does Ramsay Health Care operate any other Emergency Departments?

A: Ramsay Health Care operates about 50 EDs around the world, including 11 in Australia. In Perth, Joondalup and Peel emergency departments are operated by Ramsay. These are both public emergency departments.