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Hollywood Private Hospital actively encourages and supports clinical research as part of its role as a private teaching hospital.

Hollywood has important research facilities onsite for Alzheimer’s disease (The Sir James McCusker Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit) and orthopaedics (the Perth Orthopaedic Institute). 

Significant medical research is also undertaken in many other areas such as cardiology, urology, mental health, oncology, palliative care and respiratory medicine. This is conducted often in collaboration with the major teaching hospitals and universities.

The focus on research provides an environment in which Hollywoods clinicians can maintain their knowledge and expertise at the forefront of clinical practice.

Contact our Research Administrator

The hospital employs a Research Administrator who can provide information and advice on research at Hollywood. The Research Administrator can be contacted by:


08 9346 6571



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Research Ethics Committee

Hollywood's Research Ethics Committee is constituted in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans.

This committee has wide representation, encompassing medical practitioners, researchers, a lawyer, a clergyman and community representatives.

Meetings are held every two months. All research involving human participants undertaken at Hollywood must be reviewed by Hollywood's Research Ethics Committee.

Ethics approval is granted when the committee is satisfied that the conduct of the proposed research is ethical and lawful.

Hollywood's Research Ethics Committee will accept research applications submitted on the HREA Application Form as an alternative to our own Application Form (https://hrea.gov.au/)

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Sir James McCusker Alzheimer's Disease Research Unit

The Sir James McCusker Alzheimer's Disease Research Unit is active in research into the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease. The focus of its research team is to develop an early diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease and effective therapeutic approaches to its clinical management.

The Research Unit also includes the Clinical Trials Division which participates in drug trials involving people with Alzheimer’s disease.


08 9347 4200



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Hollywood Fertility Centre

The Hollywood Fertility Centre was established in 2000. Collaborative research with local universities is undertaken at the centre into reproductive technology to enhance clinical practice. All research is conducted within the framework of the Western Australian Reproductive Technology Act (1991).



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Perth Orthopaedic Institute

The Perth Orthopaedic Institute was established in 1998. It comprises of the following organisations:

Perth Bone and Tissue Bank 


08 9386 9300

Bone Tumour Registry

08 9386 6211

Hollywood Functional Rehabilitation Clinic

08 9386 9961

RadioStereometric Analysis Centre

0402 630 608

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Sock it to Sarcoma!

Sock it to Sarcoma! (SITS) is an ongoing fundraising campaign in support of sarcoma research and promotion of community awareness. It was established in memory of Abbie Basson who died at the age of 20 of Ewing's Sarcoma in 2011. The fundraising campaign is led by Abbie's parents, Mandy and Steve, in partnership with the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation and the WA Institute of Medical Research.



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Perth Cardiovascular Institute

Cardiologists at Royal Perth Hospital unified their private practices in 1999 to establish the Perth Cardiovascular Institute.

Located within Hollywood and boasting a full range of diagnostic facilities, the Perth Cardiovascular Institute provides a comprehensive consultative and investigative service to both out-patients and in-patients. The Institute can be contacted on:


08 9386 8833.

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Perth Blood Institute

Since being established in 2013, the Perth Blood Institute has become one of the fastest growing clinical and laboratory haematology research organisations in Australia.

The Perth Blood Institute is a charitable, not for profit, clinical trials and research institute involved in the care of people diagnosed with blood conditions, including blood cancers, bleeding and clotting disorders.


08 9200 4904



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Sock it to Sarcoma!