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Hollywood rehab helps Homi return home

Jan 15, 2021

When stroke survivor Homi Dalal, 76, was referred to Hollywood Private Hospital to have a feeding tube inserted to address swallowing difficulties, it wasn’t expected he would ever be well enough to return home and he was due to be discharged to a nursing home.

But for daughter Naz Randeria, her father’s determination to remain as independent as possible, coupled with the quality care received at the hospital, gave her hope.

After his admission to HPH from a public hospital on April 6, Ms Randeria requested the family give rehabilitation another go – even though the five weeks of rehabilitation he had undertaken in a different hospital following the stroke on March 24 had been slow.

Under the careful watch of HPH rehabilitation specialist Dr Arti Fayers heading a collaborative team including physiotherapy and occupational therapy, Mr Dalal made steady progress, including undertaking weight-bearing exercises, self-care tasks and standing.

“The professionalism shown by the doctors, nursing staff and the therapists was outstanding. They left no stone unturned to give dad the best possible chance to achieve his rehab goals and return home to us,” Ms Randeria said.

“It was truly amazing and a holistic approach. Right from the onset and even after we got home, we felt there was individual focus on dad. The level of care and consistent aggressive rehab offered by HPH motivated dad to achieve this amazing recovery. Even in his condition he has taught us to lead by example.”

By the time Mr Dalal was discharged on June 10, he had started walking with a stick and some support, had made good progress in speech therapy and had returned to a normal diet. He is now completing rehabilitation at home, and visits HPH three days per week.

Mr Dalal is one of about 56,000 Australians who experience stroke each year. Hollywood Private Hospital has a specialised Neurological Rehabilitation Service, which provides support for patients who have experienced a range of conditions including stroke, Parkinson’s’ disease and Motor Neurone Disease .