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Ramsay reduces waste for a healthier planet

Jun 01, 2020

Hollywood Private Hospital has taken its next step in a global push to reduce single-use plastic by replacing water bottles with water jugs in patient rooms.

As part of Ramsay Health Care, Hollywood chief executive Peter Mott said the move was part of the company’s initiative to eliminate 10,000kg of plastic waste from the environment each year.

“This is great progress in terms of contributing to Ramsay’s war on waste but we have a lot more work to do.”

Mr Mott said Hollywood was looking at a number of other initiatives to try and reduce its carbon footprint. The hospital already runs a program which encourages staff to walk or ride a bike to work, and encourages people to reduce the need to print.

Ramsay Australia Chief Executive Officer, Danny Sims, said the company’s national campaign kicked off on World Environment Day on June 5 and included a pledge to remove 24 million single-use plastic items every year from its Australian operations.

“Plastic waste takes a huge toll on our planet. From today, plastic drinking cups and lids, cutlery, plates, stirrers, straws, kidney dishes, denture cups with lids, and most medication cups are no longer available to order for use in our facilities,” Mr Sims said.

“These items have all been replaced with environmentally-friendly alternatives.

“This initiative has been achieved by our procurement team despite the impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of supplies across the globe.”