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What is



Radiation treatment is a type of cancer therapy that uses high energy, potent beams of intense energy to target cancer cells and destroy them, which ultimately results in the shrinkage of tumours.

The energy, which is usually in the form of X-rays, are directed at a very precise point in the body.

The machine is aimed at the part of the body affected by cancer and the goal is to destroy as many damaged cells as possible and leave as many healthy cells in tact as possible.

Radiation therapy is usually done as part of an overall treatment plan for cancer and it can be used to treat just about every type of cancer.

Radiation can be used at different stages of cancer treatment, including end stage, where the primary goal is to reduce and alleviate the symptoms of cancer. It is also used before surgery to shrink a cancerous tumour, and after surgery to stop the growth of any remaining cells, and in combination with other treatments to help destroy cancer cells.


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