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Our cancer
care nurses

Our cancer care nurses

Cancer Care Navigator

Our cancer care navigator is focussed on the patient and family following a diagnosis of cancer and aims to support a positive experience along the cancer care pathway. From the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and into survivorship, our cancer care navigator is a central person to help support the varying needs of patients and carers.

Information can be explained about patient’s specific cancer and treatments, and support provided to help manage side effects. By continually assessing specific needs, care can be coordinated to ensure all members of the treatment team and other community services can be accessed as the need arises.

They provide:

  • An active link between you and your treating teams (doctors, nurses, allied health and GP).
  • Help to address any identified concerns and assist with setting any goals you may wish to achieve at each step in your treatment pathway.
  • Referral to multidisciplinary support services to meet patient needs.

Breast Care Specialist Nurses

With support from the McGrath Foundation, as of April 2020, Hollywood Private Hospital has two Breast Care Specialist Nurses (BCSN) available to provide support to breast cancer patients. This is a free service available for HPH patients. Both nurses have extensive experience in the provision of nursing care and support to patients undergoing treatment or procedures for breast cancer.

Patients can be referred at the time of diagnosis to a Breast Care Specialist Nurse, allowing the nurse to support the patient and their family as they begin their journey and consider the treatment options available. The BCSNs provide individualised, patient-centred care across the continuum of care in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team from diagnosis, through the treatment journey and for longer term supportive care right through to survivorship or end of life, ensuring care coordination and communication needs are met to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Our BCSN practice incorporates advanced knowledge and skills in supportive care, including providing specialised and tailored information and education, psychological support, and clinical care. Practice is adapted according to the specific and changing needs of individual patients, taking into account their multiple health needs, concerns and preferences for care. The BCSN facilitates continuity of care between different phases of the cancer journey, care settings, care plans and care providers.

Prostate Cancer Nurse

Our Prostate Care Nurse is an experienced nurse who has specialised in the care of men with prostate cancer, as well as the support of their carers. From the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and afterwards, our Prostate Care Nurse provides information, support and coordination of care specific to each individual’s needs.

This also includes:

  • Acting as a point of contact and support for men and their families/carers
  • Providing reliable information and education about diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Coordination of care throughout the cancer journey
  • Improving access to specialists and services
  • Assisting with access to hospital and community-based services during and after treatment
  • Providing information on dealing with the effects of treatment and how to get further help to deal with specific problems being experienced
  • Providing information about support groups