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Dr Philip Currie

Bachelor of Medicine, FRACP,MBA

Dr Philip Currie has a 30 year background in cardiology both here in Australia and also in the US. He is at the cutting edge of echocardiography and provides a no-gap and known gap service. He has a minimal waiting list and his patient management style is based on each individual patient's needs with a complete team approach from CVS.

Key Facts

  • Dr Phillip Currie provides the following services - Adult and paediatric echocardiography, Stress testing, Transoesphageal Echo, blood pressure monitoring, Holter monitoring, Cardiology consultations, ECG, Event monitors, Vascular scanning, In lab and home based sleep studies.
  • Services provided on no-gap and known gap basis.
  • No waiting list – today/tomorrow bookings available.
  • Patient management style based on individual patient needs with team approach.

Background & Training

Dr Philip Currie has a 30 year background in cardiology both in the United States and in Australia and is at the cutting edge of echocardiography. He trained at Monash University in Melbourne completing his residency and a two-year cardiology fellowship at the Alfred Hospital. To gain further experience in cardiology, Philip moved to the USA in 1983. He initially completed a two year fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, where he remained working as a Senior Associate Cardiologist. 

He was a staff cardiologist for 3 years at the Cleveland Clinic and then to Michigan as the Director of Echocardiography at the Michigan Heart and Vascular Institute. Philip then became Assistant Professor of Medicine at Detroit Medical Centre, Wayne State University consulting in echocardiography, valvular heart disease and adult congenital heart disease.

In 1997 after working in the USA for 14 years, Philip returned to Australia initially to consult at Royal Perth Hospital and in over 17 years he has successfully established a private cardiology practice that has evolved to become an innovative integrated specialist practice. Dr Philip Currie is a consultant sports cardiologist for several professional WA and National Sporting Associations as professional athletes need accurate specialist diagnostics to ensure optimal clinical medical management.

Valvular heart disease
Cardiac imaging
2D Doppler echocardiography
transoesophageal & intraoperative echocardiography
Congenital heart disease in adult patients
Cardiac failure and sleep disordered breathing

Consults at :

Joondalup Health Campus